What sets iKhaya LamaDube apart from the rest?

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You have many options when choosing to visit the Dinokeng Game Reserve and without any prior knowledge about the area or surrounding establishments, it makes it quite difficult to make a decision about your choice of accommodation for the ultimate safari getaway just outside Johannesburg and Pretoria. We pride ourselves on providing unforgettable and memorable accomodation in the Dinokeng Game Reserve

iKhaya LamaDube has been a long-term resident within the reserve and, according to guests, has definitely earned its place as one of Trip Advisor’s Best of the Best.

Here are a couple of reasons we’re different to the rest:

It’s quiet.

There is very little traffic, we are away from national roads and we’re a while away from other lodges. The ideal location of the lodge lends itself to the sounds of nature which can be heard by our guests from their units and isn’t drowned out by external noises. At night, nature’s soundtrack is amplified to provide an unparalleled experience – you will hear the bark of the spotted hyena, lions roaring and jackals calling in the near distance.

dinokeng accommodation

Units are adequately spaced apart

You might think this is standard but in some Dinokeng accommodation, units are purposely placed close together as a structural exercise to save on costs and optimize on utilities such as shared power grids, geysers and gas cookers.

Our units afford guests the privacy, space and exclusivity they expect when coming to the bush.


Our staff are family

Most of the staff at iKhaya LamaDube have been with the lodge almost since its inception. There is an incomparable attention to detail, customer service and passion which all our guests notice and comment on. If you read any single review across platforms you will find absolute truth in this statement.

dinokeng accommodation

More than required for a self-catering lodge

There is so much more to our units than a couple of mugs, pots, and pans to make your self-catering experience memorable. Anything is possible at our units with the number of utensils, appliances and cookware found in each unit.

dinokeng accommodation

Private bomas

Each unit has its own boma for the ultimate private bush experience. Our guests use their bomas to cook at, keep warm, star gaze, tan during the day or roast marshmallows over an open flame at night. Our staff are always available to help light a fire and we do allow our guests to purchase extra wood for R25 a bag which is locally sourced and safe for local combustion.


We make the stay memorable

Whether you are staying at iKhaya LamaDube for a birthday, anniversary or have even come to us for your honeymoon, we guarantee to make your stay worthwhile and memorable – to say the least!

dinokeng accommodation

We don’t compromise on quality

From the appliances to the linen, right down to the complimentary hand soaps, we ensure that our guests experience a comfortable stay of luxury. Each unit is cleaned and serviced and nothing is out of place for their arrival.

dinokeng accommodation

There is no guesswork.

It’s easy to prepare for your trip to iKhaya LamaDube when choosing your Dinokeng accommodation. We’ve taken precautions and extreme care to provide potential guests with everything they need to know about how to execute a successful self-catering time away, what to pack and even how to handle the roads when driving to the lodge. You can find all this information on our blog page.

Expectation meets reality

Smoke and mirrors don’t exist at iKhaya LamaDube and we always aim to meet and exceed expectations. The online depictions of our lodge are honest, accurate and will give you an excellent idea of what to expect when choosing iKhaya LamaDube. You won’t be disappointed.

dinokeng accommodation
dinokeng accommodation
dinokeng accommodation


Besides our lodge itself being close to the 4×4 routes situated in the beautiful part of the reserve’s Savanah, The Dinokeng Game Reserve is located an hour and a half out of Johannesburg. It’s a little piece of paradise people are still discovering and it’s almost impossible to believe that our lodge can exist so close to such a large metropolitan.

iKhaya LamaDube is a hop, skip and a jump for city-dwellers looking for a break and quick getaway to break out of the rat race and enjoy some time out.

We wish we could, but we simply can’t make these testaments up. Each guest has a unique experience at our lodge and leaves with memories that last a lifetime. Are you ready to make your own?

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