Self-catering lodge ‘how-to’: the ultimate guide

Feb 1, 2020

There are very few holiday accommodation options that offer you the same amount of freedom as a self-catering getaway. So, it’s no surprise that iKhaya LamaDube’s self-catering units continue to rise in popularity.

Get your holiday off to the right start by firstly, opting for our incredible self-catering destination and then following our top tips to self-catering like a pro. 

Why everyone is tapping into the self-catering craze


Unmatched freedom

Self-catering accommodation is the epitome of freedom and flexibility. You now have full control over your own routine. You get to dictate when you eat, what you eat and ultimately get to replicate your homestyle routine in a brand-new location. Bliss!

Space space and more space

iKhaya offers guests enough space where everyone has room to do their own thing. This includes our pool area, private bomas and wooden decks to name a few. You don’t have to worry about feeling cramped (a staple in more cosmopolitan city accommodation spots) as you take in the airy nature of the wilderness.

Value for money

Experiencing African soil doesn’t have to come at a hefty price tag, and our accommodation prices prove this. Watch your budget stretch even further with our self-catering units. You will essentially be able to do more with less, and with greater control over your bank balance.

You’ve got options!

Self-catering is all about catering to your exact needs and that starts having various options. This might even be one of the best parts of self-catering. You have variety! Whether you’ll be catering for just yourself and significant other or a group of friends, you have the option to choose from our numerous units including our Log Cabins, Luxury Villas, Safari tent and Rondavels to name a few. Whatever you’re looking for – you’ll find. 

A sense of privacy

If it is privacy that you are after, then self-catering is the way to go. Our accommodation units are rooted in providing all of our guests with a sense of privacy. To spend time with their loved ones or to reconnect with nature. When you have the place to yourself, you now have the flexibility to come and go as you please.

Our top self-catering tips and tricks


Inventory: Make a checklist

Before you get overly excited about your trip and forget important items, make a checklist. Make sure that it has small squares next to each item that can be checked off at a later stage. Your inventory should cater to the majority of your needs throughout your stay. 

Bring along all essentials

We’ve all been there before where we’ve packed our favourite road trip snacks only to realise halfway through the trip that you didn’t pack a toothbrush. Essential items are generally the first thing that we forget. So make sure to add essentials like toiletries, spices, dishwashing liquid and chargers to your inventory list.

Pack ahead of time

There really isn’t anything worse than last-minute packing. This is where essentials get left behind. So, get ahead of the chaos and pack well in advance. Preparation is key and slowly putting aside key items will definitely help you in the long run. It will also quicken the packing process closer to the time.

Plan your meals in advance

Save yourself the stress of arriving, unpacking and then dealing with the stress of what to make for dinner. Plan ahead. Grab a pen and paper and map out your meal plans for the duration of your stay. We also suggest bringing along a cooler bag with both dinner and breakfast for the next morning already prepared. This saves on time and future headaches.

What are your options?

Contrary to popular belief, self-catering doesn’t mean you need to braai every evening. Even though braai’ing is a South African staple (and favourite), self-catering allows you to tap into your inner chef. Here are a couple of self-catering food ideas: 

  • A hearty potjie meal over your wood/coal fire
  • Steak dinners over the grill 
  • Simple vegetable lasagne
  • One-pot pasta dish
  • Braai broodjies
  • Baked potatoes and mealies on the fire 
  • Easy-to-make wraps

What is great about these dishes is that they can be made in any of our units, either using your kitchenless, state-of-the-art kitchen (should you opt for the Luxury Villa) or the fireplace found in the private bomas.

Come and experience self-catering at its finest by tapping here and delving into all that iKhaya LamaDube Lodge has to offer. 

Have any questions about self-catering or want to share tips of your own? Share them in the comments section below.

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