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What to pack for a self-catering getaway

Mar 24, 2021 | 0 comments

Being well-prepared for any sort of holiday is always a good idea but when you’re in the African bush with sometimes limited cellphone reception and quite a drive to any neighbouring shops/establishments, it’s always good to be over-prepared.

We’ve previously covered an ultimate self-catering ‘how-to’, what to expect on a weekend away to iKhaya LamaDube and some tips and tricks on mastering our roads but this time around we want you to be extra prepared with what you’ve brought with you!

You’ll be traveling to us by car and most likely have extra space here and there and as we like to say – when coming to the bush, if you have space, pack it!

We’ve compiled a list of essentials that we recommend our guests pack when coming to iKhaya LamaDube. 

We’ve even taken the liberty of creating a checklist that you can download and print off at home to make sure you remember everything. You can download this checklist here

iKhaya LamaDube essentials list:

1. Sunglasses, sunblock and a hat

Even on cooler days, the African sun can be brutal and it’s best not to underestimate it. Adequate sun protection is essential – especially if you are staying in one of our Luxury Villas or Hideaway cottage with your private splash pooler plan to spend some lazy afternoons by our communal pool.

2. A torch

If you are happy to rely on your cellphone’s battery and torch strength to navigate the wilderness then that’s perfectly fine but we do highly recommend bringing a torch which spans a couple meters in front of you to check your pathway for snakes, tripping hazards and other creepy crawlies. 

Please never get out of your vehicle without checking the ground first.

3. Spotlights

You may want to look into the bush from your accommodation but please remember that harsh spotlights are not permitted as they give predators an unfair advantage and blind the animals. We request that our guests bring spotlights with filters if they wish to view game at night from their unit

4. Extra blankets

Even the summer nights  can be a bit nippy so we suggest our guests bring an extra blanket for when they are spending time at their private boma

5. Mosquito repellant 

Upon arrival, you will be given a plug-in mosquito repellant but we encourage our guests to please bring topical repellant to protect themselves against annoying mosquito bites

6. A basic medical aid kit

For emergencies we recommend bringing a small emergency kit equipped with the following:

  1. Fever
  2. Anti-inflammatory
  3. Pain killers
  4. Wound cleaners
  5. Plasters
  6. Anti-histamine
  7. Burn kit
  8. Other necessary medications 

7. 2-point plugs

Don’t forget adapters for all appliances and chargers and if you are traveling internationally remember to bring an international adapter to fit South African wall sockets

8. Wifi dongle

We have upgraded our WiFi to now reach all units but if you have a Wifi dongle, it would be a great idea to take it with you when you leave the lodge in case you require signal.

9. Swimming towels

If you plan to take a dip in the pool or tan on the floor, don’t forget to bring a swimming towel! We would appreciate it if our guests leave the bath towels in the units

10. Binoculars and a camera

To see far and record special memories! These two items are essentials when coming to the bush for optimal game spotting

11. Firestarters

When you arrive, your boma will have one bag of firewood for you and if you need assistance, Philip can help you start the fire but thereafter we encourage our guests to immerse themselves in the experience and make their own magical fires to sit around and reminisce on the day’s activities.

12. Tyre repair kit

We mentioned this vital tool in our dirt road blog and we can’t stress the importance of this essential enough. This repair kit will serve you long after you leave the lodge if you ever have a puncture.

13. Warm clothing for the evening and something light for the day

The weather in the bush can be quite strange at times, the days might be scorching hot while the evenings cool down drastically as the sun dips and night falls. Remember to pack light clothing for the day and warm clothes for at night. 

14. A water bottle

The water at iKhaya LamaDube is perfectly fine to drink straight out the tap so there is no need to cart liters of bottled water to your unit. Instead, make use of a refillable water bottle that you can fill up and take with you on your drives.

15. Ice

We do provide ice trays in all our units but you may want to bring a few extra bags to ensure you always have enough always for cool juices, sundowner G&T’s or for your cooler box on long drives during the day.

16. Chargers

If any of your devices have car chargers we recommend bringing those along with your normal chargers and as we mentioned, don’t forget your two-point plugs!

We hope this list is comprehensive enough to make sure you are super prepared for your exciting bush getaway! If you think we have left anything off our list please do not hesitate to leave a comment on the blog below, pop us an email, or get in touch via our social media channels!

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