Imagine this is your life… You’re married, or in a serious relationship, and apart from working all day at what is bound to be a demanding job, you also have your hobby on the side that you haven’t had a chance to get to in weeks and you still haven’t had the time to take your dog to the groomer.

It’s easier than you think for life to get busy and we all need a break from time to time. Surprisingly although you may have all the ingredients for a relaxing weekend at home, a change of scenery often makes all the difference.

So what are the ingredients to a relaxing break?

Quiet tranquility

You may be fortunate enough to sit in your living room and even on the quietest of days, you won’t hear the neighbours or the rushing of cars in the nearby streets. Having some peace and quiet does a lot to recharge your batteries.


Let’s not forget that we all need privacy. It’s natural to want to be alone from time to time to get some much needed ME time, and if you’re a couple then some US time may be needed even more so. 

If you have kids you may even know a thing or two about having even less privacy on a daily basis. 

Luxurious surroundings

Yes, your environment plays a major role in quality down time. Have you ever tried to put your feet up in a house where the kitchen has exploded into a mess of pans and scraps after cooking a feast for two? Or when your lounge has collected one too many pieces of clothing and blankets from across the house that you just haven’t gotten to packing away just yet?

Trying to relax amongst a mess can be hard but did you know that simply being in a new environment changes your mindset and immediately turns the dial closer to relaxation?

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

If all you need is a cup of coffee in the early morning and a great view then even if you were staring at the ocean with dolphins riding the breakers – it just wouldn’t be relaxing if you had to do that while sitting on a rock.

If it’s not done in comfort then is it really relaxing at all? Like a glass of wine next to a warm fireplace in the winter months.

Perhaps this is a list more for the perfect relaxing break and we’re not trying to say that relaxing at home is impossible but maybe you’re in need of a bit more than just an ok weekend at home. Maybe you need a break from the kids. Or maybe you just need to get away from the city for a bit and you want to do it in style.

At iKhaya we aim to give you just that and we have a few units in particular that tick all the boxes in a very confident sort of way.

The Safari Tent

As far as glamping goes this is high up on the list. A Queen-sized bed tucked neatly into a cosy tent is like a cocoon fit for two. The tent leads out onto a deck where you can relax peacefully enjoying an early morning coffee while listening to the birds and watching the grass sway in the wind. 

With no other units nearby even you definitely will feel like you’re out in the middle of the savannah camping like royalty.

The Hideaway Cottage

As the name suggests this unit is particularly well secluded. Situated at the back of the lodge and nestled among a collection of trees on its southern side. This unit is ideal for the romantic couple looking to Hideaway and enjoy a little time with only each other.

With a private splash pool and outdoor furniture to lounge and relax on in comfort this definitely beats a day in the lounge at home.

The Luxury Villas

If you needed any more reason to get away from the city then this should be reason enough for anyone. The iKhaya LamaDube Luxury Villas are nothing short of a small slice of paradise. 

Fully kitted with luxury furnishings, a king-size bed, bathtub, private splash pool and boma adjacent as well as an outdoor shower to start. These units don’t just bring luxury to the bush, they bring the bush to luxury as you stare into the reserve from the deck in front of your unit. You can also snuggle up inside these spacious units with their built-in fireplaces to make winter stays that much more comfortable. 

At iKhaya we have all the ingredients for a perfectly relaxing getaway. We always go above and beyond for our guests and with our range of units, there’s bound to be one that suits your style. With rising fuel costs we’re a short drive out of Pretoria and our sunny winter climate in the Dinokeng Game Reserve is sure to keep you warmer for your winter breakaways.

If you need a breakaway, even just a couple of days then you owe it to yourself to not just relax but to maybe aim for a perfect relaxing break.

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