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If you browse our social profiles and guest recollections of their stay at iKhaya LamaDube you understand how a picture is worth a thousand words… Well, we’ve decided to actually give you a thousand words about what it is like to ‘live iKhaya LamaDube’

Exceptional natural beauty

The intentional layout of iKhaya LamaDube creates a sense of extreme tranquillity for each and every unit. With adequate spacing and effective privacy screens, you’ll feel as if the entire lodge has been reserved just for you.
iKhaya LamaDube’s spacious setup paves the way for priceless experiences;

Our secluded location deep within the reserve and spacious setting of our units ensures that when the sun goes down and the darkness of night takes over, you’re greeted with clear, unpolluted views of spectacular starlit African skies.

Add to this the fact that the space between units minimizes ‘foreign’ noises, you’ll experience a whole new appreciation for the natural sounds of the bush, not to mention the regular roaring of the local lions.

Warthog in the grass

iKhaya’s unique age restriction

Our ‘no-children policy’ is often the elephant in the room but we have the best intentions for this policy.

Our core belief at iKhaya LamaDube is that we cater to a market that is seeking refuge, comfort, luxury and above all tranquil accommodation and a kid-free getaway. While it may not suit everyone, this restriction preserves our core values and the promise that we are committed to upholding for our guests. Plainly put – IKhaya LamaDube is an ‘Adults only’ venue. You’ll thank us later!

Decorative advantage

Adult-centric accommodation allows us to treat you to the finer things in life while giving us extreme flexibility to expand on the luxury and creature comforts of each unit. Delicate ornaments, luxury brands or high-class furnishings that are generally not commonplace in safari-style accommodations are abundant in all unit types at iKhaya LamaDube. Rest-assured that you can sit back, relax and have peace of mind that there will be no unintentional damage to property by minors – elevating your overall experience and sense of ‘ahhhh’.

A well deserved break

Parents and non-parents alike need quality time away from their day-to-day routines and responsibilities – you might even say more so for parents. Think of it as a guilt-free holiday, which you very much deserve, without the chance of potentially having another family with kids making your ‘kid-free time’ a lot less so.

The X-factors

“With so many destination options and very little that sets them apart, you may find yourself struggling to make a decision in a much-of-the-same sort of world. Our X-factors are a splendid byproduct and realisation of our values and core offerings to our valued guests.

Indigenous nature

Within the grounds of our lodge itself and our particular placement in the reserve, we’re a birders paradise and appeal to birders of all levels, from discerning experts to birding beginners.

iKhaya LamaDube also hosts a wide variety of smaller wildlife such as; insects, reptiles, bushbabies, genets, porcupines, mongoose and monitor lizards – largely due to the untouched wild grass and a majority of indigenous trees preserved. iKhaya aims to enrich the experience of all our bush-fanatic guests while also appealing to our more urban-loving visitors – proving that your luxury safari dreams are possible.

Environmentally savvy

Our love for the natural beauty of the African bush drives our will to preserve it. To this end, we even supply indigenous firewood to keep the ecosystem intact – read more about this in our Bush Fire Safety and Etiquette.

From humble beginnings

Our very own Gerd Graf has been involved with the Dinokeng Game Reserve from its very inception. He served on the committee that was involved with the reserve’s start-up and paved the way for an incredibly holistic and intimate history with the reserve.

The extra mile

Pride in our service offering is a daily commitment and core value at iKhaya LamaDube. Management and staff alike are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each and every one of our guests experience the utmost comfort during their stay with us. The iKhaya LamaDube team is attentive to a fault to the needs of our guests; from firewood deliveries and lightning-fast maintenance fixes (should there ever be any) to even assisting with safely removing the occasional wild visitor.

Staying relevant

As much as the bush is beautiful, we’ve all come to enjoy the convenience of modern living and our units are furnished to serve that desire. In addition to this, we also acknowledge that many guests, while they love the seclusion and the escape, still need to stay connected to the world and we have improved our WiFi infrastructure to accommodate this – read more about it in our Remote working in the bush.

With the nearest major city (Pretoria) a mere 30 minute drive away, you can enjoy a well-deserved get away without having to plan for a major road trip as well. Save on heavy fuel prices and excessive toll gate charges with a short trip out of the city, with zero compromises on your authentic African bush escape and create your own definition of ‘living the life’ at iKhaya LamaDube’.

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