Embracing the change of season at iKhaya LamaDube

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Perched up at the center of the Dinokeng Reserve, we encounter the most sacred relationship between our vast landscapes and the glorious presence of light. We’re celebrating here at iKhaya LamaDube – Summer has arrived and has injected an array of bold colours, fertility and change into our grasslands!

The African bush invites continuous change as it romantically plays with the dawn of Summer and all of her immense wonder. All of a sudden, the relationship between the skies and the land are beautifully rekindled in the greatest love affair as mother nature drenches our grasslands in love, light and most importantly – rain! Better yet, we get to encounter one of Africa’s most sought-after experiences: welcoming new life as the atmosphere paves way for the presence of emerging fauna and flora. Witnessing the natural dance between new life and nature continues to happen at the doorstep of iKhaya LamaDube lodge, and it’s a piece of paradise that awaits you.

Visiting our secluded escape means you are no longer considered ‘just a guest’. You are a part of a seasonal story that is taking place. One that will envelop you, entice you and engage every single one of your senses as the season begins to delicately change. There is beauty in transformation and in the awakening of Summer. Welcome to your journey of experiencing the change of season with all your senses!

How to engage with the changing of seasons


Touch the earth

There is wonderful simplicity to engaging with the earth and it doesn’t have to be flashy. The bush thrives on authenticity so embrace the African bush and its healing energies and take your shoes off, allow the roots of the ground to make contact with your skin. New buds have sprouted, plants have bloomed, and they are ready to engage you in the most delightfully comforting feelings. Take notice of the grass, the warmth of the soil and take a moment to acknowledge the arrival of summer.


Open yourself to the summer air

There is a seasonal taste in the air, where summer brings a comforting warmth with it, allow the seasonal air to envelop your lungs. Stop for a moment and reconnect your lungs with nature, let it nourish and heal you as the trees release their uplifting and exhilarating energy and be grateful for each breath. This is your moment to exhale, to drop your shoulders and begin again. The start of a new season does not only happen externally but internally too! Allow the fresh atmosphere to help heal you from the inside as we embrace the beginnings of a new start.


Indulge yourself

The earth around us has unmuted itself and released the most beautiful symphonies of animal life and unabashed nature. Move along to its harmonies by fully engaging yourself in your surroundings. Our lodge has a rich bounty of opportunities for you to play and connect with the environment. Retreat to your private boma and watch as the stars and bird life enthrall you in a delightful display. Add to the ambience by building a fire, pouring a glass of earthy red wine and allow the great outdoors – its sights and sounds, to delight you.

Little--Bee-eater bird watching
At the heart of seasonal changes lies the truth that there are very few moments as euphoric as the moment you stand in the middle of the Dinokeng Reserve and witness new life being injected into our lands and into ourselves. It’s an experience that you not only need, but ultimately deserve.

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