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Why consider a self-catering game lodge

Oct 27, 2020

If you’re reading this you may be quite familiar with us at iKhaya LamaDube and know that we are a self-catering lodge situated within the heart of the Dinokeng Game Reserve. If not, well then we’re so pleased you’ve ended up here so we can let you in on all you need to know about a self-catering lodge and why you might possibly consider this type of destination for your next getaway. 

B&B, all-inclusive and self-catering, what’s the difference?

B&B (bed and breakfast)

A bed and breakfast (more commonly known as a B&B) provides a place to stay with one meal which is included in your stay – you guessed it, breakfast! There are generally fewer rooms than a hotel and it is owner-run – meaning the hosts are typically on-site and have access to the guests. 

All-inclusive stay

An all-inclusive stay provides 3 meals a day, drinks, sometimes alcoholic beverages and even staff gratuity. Meals are usually served in a communal dining area shared by all guests and this is more often than not a resort-style getaway. 


Self-catering lodges provide all the essentials required to store and cook your own food. They are usually smaller establishments with private rooms secluded from one another and offer a home-away-from-home experience. These lodges are often owner-operated and host interaction with guests can be expected.

The benefits of a self-catering lodge

  1. Flexibility: At a self-catering lodge you’re not bound to any specific meal time and your activities don’t have to revolve around when meals will be served. This means if you want to have your breakfast and coffee at 5 am overlooking the watering hole from your private viewing deck of one of our Log Cabins while the sun rises before going on an early morning game drive, this is absolutely your prerogative!
  2. Avoid other holidaymakers and feel like the only people at the lodge: iKhaya LamaDube is an intimate safari lodge which prides itself on the privacy and tranquillity of its guests. When choosing to stay at a self-catering lodge, you avoid awkward interactions at a buffet table or crowds of other holidaymakers who may ruin your quality time.
  3. Enjoy a more spacious stay: Each unit has to be fitted with a large kitchen (like our Luxury Villa) or kitchenette (like our other units). This implies that the room/unit size has to be larger than your average hotel room or bed and breakfast because you essentially need to be able to enjoy the unit as if it were your own home.
  4. Stay safe under COVID: Although in South Africa we are now operating under lockdown level 1 and restaurants are permitted to operate, the threat of the virus is still very real. With the tourism industry opening up, your safest option is to opt for a self-catering lodge where interaction with other guests and staff is limited and you are in full control of your surroundings and exposure.
  5. Cost-savings: Unlike eating meals at a resort restaurant each day, you can plan your meals to be as simple (or extravagant) as you like and purchase supplies to cater efficiently. However you choose to split the cost of food with your getaway buddy, it will work out cheaper than having to purchase marked-up meals every day with added gratuity for service staff.
  6. Cater to your exact dietary requirements: Self-catering lodges give you the freedom to buy and cook whatever you want while purchasing your food from preferred suppliers

What to cook at a self-catering safari lodge

Check out our previous blog here where we covered some ideas for your next self-catering stay as well as some tips to ensure your trip away is successful and you don’t leave any essentials at home!

Have any questions about staying at a self-catering accommodation? Pop us a mail at bookings@ikhayalamadube.co.za and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 

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