Breaking the stigma around mid-week getaways

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In today’s fast-paced society there is an underlying expectation that we should always be working. The pressure to prove that we are constantly busy means that many people see rest as an indulgence or reward – especially during the week. However, the reality is that midweek getaways are not a taboo… they’re quickly proving to be a necessity.

In fact, reclaiming the lost art of rest is the best way for you to protect your health, happiness and success… especially when it is done on a mid-week or week-long getaway to the grassy escapes of iKhaya LamaDube Game Lodge.

A common (and damaging) myth

One of the most harmful myths surrounding mid-week getaways is the idea that people are only deserving of these retreats once they have overexerted themselves at work. The thinking here is that intentional, uninterrupted rest is only granted to those who have essentially reached their breaking point or severe burnout.

However, taking time away to exhale is not only reserved for the weekends after you have endured a full week of stress. Redirecting your time, energy and resources towards your own self-care and healing is essential, and quite frankly, non-negotiable. Your body demands it. In the same way that we so freely give to the world, we should so freely give to ourselves.

Warthog in the grass

Reconnecting with our bodies

Every day our bodies communicate with us. They let us know when they are tired, in need of hydration, love and relaxation. And yet, we willingly choose to ignore it. We reach for another cup of coffee instead of a glass of water, we grab another pain killer instead of moving our bodies and we work instead of rest.

There is a sense of disconnect between our actions and the needs of our bodies. This immense strain eventually shows itself physically when we experience chronic fatigue, depression, illness and burnout. The real question is how many times does your body need to ask for rest before you listen?

For many people, indulging in a middle-of-the-week getaway seems almost shameful and self-obsessed. However many of us have encountered how taking time to exist in the middle of the African bush is the best way to reconnect with our bodies and mind. So why not skip on the idea that peace is solely saved for the weekends? Extend that level of peace and restoration into the middle of your work week too, where you can bask in the bushveld, surrounded by the simplicity of Mother Nature. Trust us when we say that these landscapes have a way of healing even the most work-driven individuals.

The types of rest that iKhaya LamaDube offers guests

Taking a weekday trip to our grassy escape will instantly grant you access to a deep-set rest that will rejuvenate and reignite your excitement for life, help you recover your strength and even make you more productive when you return to work! The type of rest that is experienced at our lodge is incredibly holistic and aimed at helping you break the stigmas around mid-week getaways.

Here are the types of rest that you will experience at our lodge:

1. Mental rest. There is nothing better than having the mental stimulation of mother nature alone. The vast landscapes and animal sightings will help your brain instantly shut off.

2. Sensory rest. Escape the digital overload by retreating to a location that is designed to help you stay unplugged from technology and plugged into nature.

3. Physical rest. The only thing that you are expected to do at our lodge is find ways to exhale. Whether that is relaxing on the balcony, cooling off in the pool or interacting in the private boma.

And yet, this is only a portion of what we have to offer at iKhaya LamaDube!

How iKhaya is breaking the stigma

Our lodge simply exists for YOU.

Every element of our hidden gem has been created with you in mind. Creating authentic, peaceful bush experiences that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life is a top priority for us.

1. Various lodging options
Rest, peace and stillness look different to everyone. For this reason, we have created a number of unique lodging options that cater to different budgets, tastes and intended experiences. This means that you can find an accommodation style that matches your ideal space for restoration and relaxation.

2. Affordable mid-week getaways
The idea that rest is only allowed over the weekends is not only mentally damaging but physically harmful. You deserve to take a moment of rest whenever your body and mind call for it. At iKhaya we have created a number of mid-week availabilities so that you can easily visit us anytime you need to exhale. Better yet, we now offer an exclusive special between Sundays and Wednesdays where you book for 3 nights and only pay for 2.

3. Close proximity to Pretoria and Johannesburg
You do not need to drive 1000’s of kilometres in order to feel like you have officially locked into ‘holiday mode’. Feeling like you’re on vacation shouldn’t be determined by the hours spent on the road. Instead finding our tranquil lodge is the perfect distance between the city and the wonders of untouched nature. Less time on the roads means less fuel, tolls and wear and tear. All these savings you can use to make your stay that much more enjoyable.

4. Normalising remote-working if you can’t relax without checking your emails once a day
Nothing will ruin your mid-week getaway more than work anxiety. As much as we encourage rest, we also understand that switching off completely can also be detrimental to your mental health and stress levels. iKhaya LamaDube is incredbily conducive to remote-working. Read more here.

Breaking the stigmas around midweek getaways takes time, patience, and most importantly – practice. If no one else has told you this today, just know that you are so incredibly deserving of rest and rejuvenation. Practising and prioritising rest starts now and we would love to help guide you on this journey and share our little piece of bliss with you!

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